Cloud Migration

Our Cloud and technology experts will consult, plan and help you transition into Cloud you prefer. Our Professional Services team will devise a best-practice strategy to ensure a seamless process, whether your looking at a full lift and shift, phased migration or hybrid approach – we can help.

Speak to us about migrating your back office workloads, third party applications, in-house development applications, websites and more into AWS.

The Migration Process

Establish an owner/team responsible for the cloud migration process.

The process of migrating to the cloud for the medium and large enterprise can be a significant effort. We advise our clients to start the initiative by identifying an executive owner, business champion and cross-discipline transition team.

Establish the scope and business case

Cloud migrations can be large efforts that require an initial investment before the payback. It is important to establish the intended scope of systems that are being targeted for migration. To support the program, a business case should be published that articulates the efficiency, agility or cost savings goals. The initial pass on scope doesn’t have to be perfect but it should indicate an initial sizing. As you get deeper into the program, the scope will vary as some systems will be identified as good candidates to migrate while others will be removed from the list.

Establish the target clouds

In many cases, our clients have already established their target clouds, either private or public offerings. Those who haven’t will go through the exercise of identifying the cloud service providers (CSP) for their workloads. This selection process reviews the CSP’s offerings, SLA’s, prices, geographies, customer satisfaction records, and more. For private cloud, the effort focuses on reviewing commercial and open source solutions and the appropriate architecture. Either way, the initial clouds are usually non-production (dev, test, DR). It is important to stabilize the operations of the cloud prior to moving business critical workloads.

Establish the transition framework

The transition framework is the process that will be used to ensure a predictable outcome in the migration